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how to find and apply new Support Packages?

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Hi to everyone.

The system is SAP R/3 Enterprise (may 4.7 ext2?)

The spam version is 6.20/0020

i have to update the support packages, so i went on, but i dont know what SP i have to download.

the situation is (so i have to update all of them?):

SAP_BASIS 620 0059 SAPKB62059

SAP_ABA 620 0058 SAPKA62058

SAP_APPL 470 0018 SAPKH47018

SAP_HR 470 0058 SAPKE47058

EA-IPPE 200 0004 SAPKGPIB04 .

PI 2003_1_470 0002 SAPKIPZH52

PI_BASIS 2003_1_620 0002 SAPKIPYH52

ST-PI 2005_1_620 0002 SAPKITLQG2

EA-HR 200 0015 SAPKGPHB15

LSO 200 0018 SAPK-200PIINLSO

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can search for Support packs at

Compare with your current support pack level and download the relevant ones.

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for example, on our 4.6C the level is 0042.

So i have to download the 43, 44...52 support packages?

Then unpack all of them on a temp /usr/sap/trans.

After this, SPAM e i put all of them in queque?

I have a dubt, becasuse i remember that i must read all of the oss note about the SP, because some times, the update can be dangerous.

can anyone explain me better?

thank a lot, always

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For eg. for 4.6C you have upto 52 in BASIS ,ABAP,and cross application components.

you download 43..44..52 and using SPAM you can upload from front end or you can uncar them on the App.server.

However, during the course of implementing patches, during the SPDD and SPAU phase system gives the option to retain the changes that are made to standard programs / objects / tables etc or to reset the objects to SAP standard objects. It is during these changes only that the functional consultant has to study the program/changes which are done and the impact of the changes.So when you come through this SPDD or SPAU phase you have to make sure from your ABAPers and functional consultants regarding whether to reset all to original or retain the changes.This is crucial otherwise you will impair your business unknowingly.

Click on the info button beside the support pack name and see the dependencies.

The order of applying patches will be BASIS,ABAP,Cross application components,HR etc...

And finally it's not the case that we should go for applying a support pack because it's available at SAP market place.

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