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How to Find and Adjust the Text Types for a Transaction Type?

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IT Service Management, Change control management, or Focused Build are in use.

Information is needed on how to find which text determination procedure is in use for a particular transaction type, and how it can be adjusted to add or remove text types?

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To find the current text determination procedure in use:

  1. Execute transaction code CRMC_PROCESS_MA
  2. Find the transaction type in question (ie. ZMIN)
  3. Double click, then scroll to "Profiles"
  4. Take note of the entry in "Text Det. Procedure" (ie. SMIN0001)

To adjust the text determination procedure:

  1. Navigate to SPRO -> SAP Solution Manager -> Capabilities -> IT Service Management -> Text Determination Procedure -> Define Text Determination Procedure
  2. Select CRM_ORDERH
  3. Click on "Procedure"
  4. Find the procedure from the first section (ie. SMIN0001)
  5. Click on "Definition of procedure"
  6. From here you can adjust the text types available in the determination procedure

Note: In some cases the text determination procedure is used by multiple transaction types. Like in the example above SMIN0001 is used by both SMIN and ZMIN. If texts need to be adjusted for ZMIN, a new text determination procedure should be defined and assigned to ZMIN in order to avoid customization being overwritten with upgrades and updates to the standard in the system.

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But for Focused Build, SAP doesn't support using Z (custom) transaction of S1MJ, S1CR. So in this case, we can modify the Text determination procedure & assign to standard Focused Build transaction. But does this customization get overwritten during SP upgrade?