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How to find all Users(Agents) who dont have set a password?

Hello SAP Community,

As of new service pack 18 every user has to have set a password to be able to login.

We need for an environment to find the list of every user that has not set a password.

Is there an easy way to get this list or can someone be so kind and provide a query for the SQL Database to see it?

many thanks,

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In the Table USR02 - you have following attributes. From that you can extract what you want.

1. PWDSETDATE, PWDCHGDATE - Password set by the Basis team or who reset the password for the User ID

2. PWDINITIAL = 2 - False ( Means user changed the password at his/her initial login)

So, in SE16n - you can see all the records that has value 2 ( for field PWDINITIAL).

Hope this helps



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are we talking about an SAP Netweaver system ? If so, you can select the users in table USR02. I would assume that if the field PASSCODE is empty or null, the user has no password set.

Best regards

Clas Hortien

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Hello Experts,
thank you for the replies and the ideas you gave me.
I did a query in SQL Studio and found a list of the users with "NULL" as password with this query for everyone who needs it too:








FROM [database].[dbo].[AuthLogin]