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How to export a Webdynpro java DC, for reuse in another system

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Hi Everybody,

I am having a Webdynpro Java DC, i want to give that DC to another person to import into his system and work. i am doing a export of that DC and creating a zip file. But when we are trying to import it in another system, it is giving errors. When trying to build, its not showing DC options at all, DC-> buid or deploy options are not visible, when right clicked over the DC.

Am i doing it in a wrong way. Can anybody help me.

thanks & regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ravi,

Create a DC in other person's local system where you want to import, then copy paste the src folder of your DC (you will get it from your workspace) and paste it under the same hierarchy of other person's workspace. Close the DC in NWDS of other's system and then open it again you will get your DC in that system.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Ravi,

Are you working with local DC?

Then you can take ur dc in the following way..

Find where the dcs are stored in ur system..

<Some File Path> .dtc\LocalDevelopment\DCs\<your dc package>\

There will be a folder with your project name.

Copy that folder and Paste in the other system under the same folder structure.

ie., the copied folder need to be pasted here

<Some path> .dtc\LocalDevelopment\DCs\<your dc package>\

Once you copied,Open your NWDS and go to DC perspective.In the Local DCs.

Go to Local Development -- > My Component

Right Click on 'My Component' and click on 'Refresh'.

Your new project will appear under the 'My Component' hierarchy.

Right Click on your project and Choose 'Create Project'.

Now Proper dc will be available for you to work on.

If you are facing any problems, let me know.

Best Wishes

Idhaya R

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Hi ravi.

First: you cannot export only the DC. Probably your are exporting the SC.

Second: Have you create the project after you imported in NWDS?

if don't. right click in your DC, sync/create project and create the project.