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how to explicitly AVOID sorting the query results

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Hello BI Community,

We have a BW 3.5 system that is used for operational reporting on very large amounts of information. Because the result sets are so large (and take so long to return), we have developed a background query solution that allows for users to define their queries in BEx and run them (with a variant) in the background.

These "background queries" use a batch process instead of a dialog work process, and therefore do not timeout in the way that dialog processes do.

The question I have is: <b>are BEx query results sorted by default ? If so, how can I explicitly AVOID this sorting via the query definition ? </b>

I am concerned that CPU cycels are being wasted as the background query works to needlessly sort these very large data sets.

Thanks very much,

Keith Helfrich

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Add an attribute(order) to your info object.

maintain your master data manually by giving the respective values like 1,2,3,4...etc.

now, in your query designer select your info object and sort it according to your attribute. so that you will get the respective order.

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Yes, result sets in BW are always sorted left-to-right by characteristic values (key or description), unless you specify sorting by the values of a key figure (ascending or descending).

As far as I know, there is no way to "avoid" this.

Hope this helps...