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how to exclude a table when doing dbcc checkdb

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when running dbcc checkdb(mydb). it will go through all tables. Is it possible to exclude a table from dbcc checkdb?

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Thanks, Mark. When I run dbcc checkdb(mydb), it across a table and take over 18 hours and still waiting.

the message is:

Checking mytable: Logical pagesize is 2048 bytes

The total number of data pages in this table is 1365692.

The total number of pages which could be garbage collected to free up some space is 2923.

then I stop it manually.

Possibly something wrong with the table. When I run dbcc checktable on this table, it' also keep me waiting and never end. then I can't finish dbcc checkdb because of this table. the size of this table is about 3G. How to resolve this problem?

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