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How to evaluate the best performance regarding currencies?

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Building a solution I came up with the following question, which type of conversion is more friendly with the system, having an on the fly conversion for a series of data or creating a data action to create the conversion as a persisted measure.

The question comes from currency triangulation, if I want to be able to go from A to C, i either need to have A to C conversion rate, or A to B and B to C, moving from A to B as a persisted change (via data action) and then from B to C (again as a data action)

Regardless of the answer, I'm specially interested on how to evaluate performance on this type of situation, data action vs additional converison rates etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Oscar,

I'm not an SME in this area but you can use a story that is delivered by SAP and available in each SAC tenant called: Data Action Performance Statistics and Analysis. This should help to compare the performance across different scenarios.

Please check the following blog for more information: SAP Analytics Cloud Data Action Performance Statistics and Analysis.

Kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

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Always better to use Directly A to C conversion rate.