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How to estimate BASIS work?

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Hello, as part of an automation project, I am trying to estimate the effort (in time) spent by BASIS in certain basic tasks.

These are some of the tasks (to have as example):

List of users (SUIM) with the following criteria in one system/client:

  • Authorization Object: S_TCODE
  • Transaction Code: SE38 OR SE80
  • Authorization Object: S_DEVELOP ACTVT = 16 and 03 OBJTYPE = PROG OBJNAME = * P_GROUP = * DEVCLASS = *
  • AND
  • Authorization Object: S_PROGRAM Activity Value: SUBMIT P_GROUP = *

Obtain an access list of users who have privileged-level access (SAP_ALL, SAP_NEW) in one system/client

RSPARAM extraction from each application server from one system

Extract a certain table (with specific conditions) through SE16

I am basically looking for any experience doing this or any data you can share from your own experience. How much time/effort is required to execute these tasks?


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Well, you want to just see how many users have the SAP_ALL & SAP_NEW, then you can try open the role via PFCG transaction & it would give you entire Users who that authorisation level in that client



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Hi Lionel,

It depends on the system number and the detail information according to your project.

As your description ,the work belongs to the SAP audit, you can read the ADM950 for more detail.

If one system, one hour works , ten systems may one days, and if the Auditor need more information to confirm ,then more time need to judge and dig up in the system.

As my experience , the Auditor work like using the SUIM is very expensive, and always go and back.

Best Regards,