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How to ensure no crossover between PROD and TEST environments for BOE 4.3 platform

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Question regarding ClusterKey names with BOE 4.3 Platform:

I have two independent host servers:




I have two independent CMS Databases:




These two databases reside on the same server (elsewhere. not on host server).

ODBC connection on each host server is correctly pointing to its respective database

PROD points to CMS_Prod

TEST points to CMS_TEST


During installation, I named the cluster key differently for each install:

for example:

clusterkey_prod (for the Prod installation pointing to CMS_Prod database)

clusterkey_test (for the Test installation pointing to CMS_Test database)

Was this the correct way to do it?

How can I ensure that there is no crossover with these two environments?

I ask because when I needed to create a new SIA Node for PROD, it would not accept the clusterkey name I used during installation.

It only allowed me to enter the clusterkey name I used during the installation on TEST server.

Thank you for any insights.

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Aside from separating the CMS_database for each PROD and TEST host which was suggested. You can also try checking first the port connection in your CMS_Prod and in PROD host, if they are properly configured. Not sure if this helps but worth checking it. 🙂

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Thank You. SIA port is 6410 and CMS port is 6400.