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How to ensure no crossover between PROD and TEST environments for BOE 4.3 platform

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Question regarding ClusterKey names with BOE 4.3 Platform:

I have two independent host servers:




I have two independent CMS Databases:




These two databases reside on the same server (elsewhere. not on host server).

ODBC connection on each host server is correctly pointing to its respective database

PROD points to CMS_Prod

TEST points to CMS_TEST


During installation, I named the cluster key differently for each install:

for example:

clusterkey_prod (for the Prod installation pointing to CMS_Prod database)

clusterkey_test (for the Test installation pointing to CMS_Test database)

Was this the correct way to do it?

How can I ensure that there is no crossover with these two environments?

I ask because when I needed to create a new SIA Node for PROD, it would not accept the clusterkey name I used during installation.

It only allowed me to enter the clusterkey name I used during the installation on TEST server.

Thank you for any insights.

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This can also happen when you back up the CMS database and restore it to the other environment - but there will be other signs that this has happened because the names of the server machines are stored in the database. I just mention this because I had this happen back in the XIr2 days when we did a refresh from prod to test - the DBA brought in the whole Oracle database by copying the files over instead of just getting the data schemas, It was a mess with the Test environment connecting to the Prod cluster.


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I may have selected an option during the "CMS System Database Configuration" of the SIA node that specified restoring the CMS database.

Another note to add about my steps leading up to this: I had uninstalled/reinstalled the platform on both PROD and TEST. After each uninstall, I had to delete the SAP directory before re-installing. I'm wondering if there were "remnants" of the old configuration still lingering while configuring during the new install.