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How to ensure ADS Trace file is deactivated?

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Hello Everyone. Its a rule that you need to Deactivate trace after replicating issue once ADS Trace is triggered.

Do you have any idea how to ensure that trace is truly deactivated or what are the steps to deactivate the trace?

SAP Note 2226341 Describes how to activate the trace but it was not included how to deactivate. But I do set the trace configuration settings to 50 mins. Will this be automatically stopped after 50 mins?

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Hi Kathleen.

1. How you have activated the trace with selection settings as mention in the SAP note 2226341, the same way you can deselect the options so that it will be deactivated.

2. Since you set the time it should inactive after 50 min.



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Thanks S Sriram for the confirmation.