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How to Enable Multiple Selection Mode in a Data Table in SAP MDK?

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Hello everyone,

I'm working on a SAP MDK project where I need to create a table with multiple columns, similar to the sap.m. Table in Fiori, and enable multiple selection mode. So far, I've managed to create a Table with several columns using the Sectioned Data Table control. 



I need to enable a selection mode where users can select multiple rows in this Data Table. I have looked into the available options in SAP MDK, but I have not found a straightforward way to enable multiple selection mode in the current control.


  1. Is there any alternative control in SAP MDK that allows the creation of a table with multiple columns and supports multiple selection mode?
  2. If this is a limitation with the current Data Table control, what would be the best way to overcome it?
  3. Are there any workarounds or custom implementations that could help achieve this functionality?

I appreciate any suggestions or guidance from the community on how to achieve this.

Thank you!

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Data Table control doesn't support multi-selection mode. You can use the Object Table control that supports multi-selection

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Hi Jitendra,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have considered the Object Table control, but it appears more like a list and doesn't seem to support displaying multiple columns to show detailed information. The Object Table control provides around 3 or 4 places where text can be bound, but we need to display more. We are developing the specifically for tablet use.

Is there any way to enhance the Object Table to display more columns, or is there another control that better supports a multi-column layout with multi-selection capabilities. We're aiming for a solution that works well on tablet devices.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Vivek V