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How to do version control for IPC - very Urgent

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Hi Gurus,

I am new to JDI so please help me to solve my problem.

My scenario is:

I have written some IPC userexits and now i want to maintain version in DTR for my user exits but my problem is:

We have a DTR which is working for EP. I want to use same DTR for my IPC code as well but:

1. My IPC server and NWDS is installed on one server while EP and DTR is installed on another server.

2. Now I want to use DTR (which is on my EP server) for my IPC code so that I can maintain my java code versions .

could you please let me know what steps do i need to perform so that I can connect my NWDS and DTR server and then I can maintain versions on DTR.

Any input or sugestion will be helpful for me.

Thanks and regards


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Hi Sandeep,

As I said what I did is not official and also I had no time yet to test it.

My idea was to use NWDI just to version control, so I created a track without any runtime system, the deployment to IPC must be done manually, it means you copy the class file of your user-exit project to IPC userexit directory in version 3.0 or you generate the JAR file for IPC version 7.0 for CRM 5.0 which is my case.

The only problem I see for version 3.0 is the java version of NWDS, CRM 3.0 IPC requires JAVA version 1.3 right? And NWDS runs in version 1.4 above.

I had problems in past compiling the userexit with different java version then 1.3, but maybe in your case it could work, I am not sure.

What I did has no secret, I just create a new Product and Software component in SLD, follow SAP guide "How to Get Started with the SAP NWDI.pdf"

So the steps I performed:

1 - In SLD I created a new Product called "SAP IPC Userexit CRM 5.0"

2 - In SLD I created a new software component called "PRC_UE_CUSTOMER"

3 - Then I defined dependecy BuildTime to components SAP J2EE ENGINE, DI BUILD TOOL, SAP JAVA TECHNOLOGY SERVICES

4 - I created a new namespace reservation

5 - At last I created a new track without any runtime systems

Now in NWDS you just need to create a new java project inside this track.

My developers did not test it yet so I can not say that it works.

Once They start the development I will be able to verify that.

But in your case there is also another thing to check which is the java version problem as I think you are developing userexits for CRM 3.0.



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Thanks for your help.

I will let you know once I will be done and definately you will get your points as well :).

I am using CRM4.0.

Thanks and regards