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How to Divided 2 values in a Calculated Key Figure

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Hi All,

Thanks in advanced for your time.

I've created a Calculated Key Figured in order to get the result of a division of 2 values, but the problem is that the result of this division only returns the integer part, and i need the the complete result.


Value 1: 1430

Value 2: 100

(the formula in the KF is : Value 1 / Value 2)

Calculated Key Figure: 14

<b>I need the following result : 14,3</b>

I thing that i making a mistake in the formula, so if you can help me i really appreciate it !


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Answers (3)

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I got the issue, it was that the Cell has an invalid Format, so i changed to "Numeric" and it is working !!

Thanks a lot !!!

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Thanks a lot !! but i have checked and the Display attribute is set to "0,00", so i will keep investigating about this, THANKS A LOT !!

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what's the property 'number display' for the calculated keyfigure ? right click the calculated keyfigure, properties, check if it's set 0.0

hope this helps.

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Hi Marcos,

I guess your keyfigures are defined as integer and so the calculated keyfigure is automatically set to integer without decimal places too. So in the properties for the calculated keyfigure set the number of decimals to at least 1 or 2.