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How to display Valid to and Valid from dates for 0Equipment in Bex Query

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we want  Valid to date and  Valid From Date Fields in our report for 0Equipment. so that we can find during this particular period where exactly the equipment is located or its status.

Suppose say equipment 1

is in location delhi from 1st april to 5th april and

in mumbai from 6th april to 10th april

i want to display in my report like below

Equip Number        Date to          Date from    location

equip1                 10th april    6ht april              mumbai

equip1                   5th april     1st april             Delhi

date to and date from are fields for time dependent equipment data


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I have created an infoset on my infoobject 0Equipment and now there is a new dimension TIME INTERVAL - which has 0Date to and 0Date from and this has worked for i am able to use them in my query.

I have one more question this I think is complicated.


suppose i have a date range for equipment say from 01.04.2011 to 08.08.2011 during which period the equipment is in delhi say....

I will have to show this in my bi query like below

(which shows the equipment's availability in different months in a year at a location.)

Location     date to       date from       jan  feb  mar   apr    may    june    july  aug   sep

Delhi              1         08.08.2011  01.04.2011      0      0    0       1       1         1       1      1      0

Delhi              2         02.06.2011  03.05.2011      0      0    0       0       1         1        0      0     0

finally this implies that @ delhi  i have 1 equipment in apr july and aug , 2 equipments in may & june

like this i want to split the equipment availability into different months based on the date range (date to and date from)

Can anyone suggest me how this can be achieved in BW.


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I think it should be available for that object if you search for it in query ...

but if not just create two Z objects and read the data from Q table and populate those fields..

Enhance Infoproviders and query etc suitably.

Thanks and regards


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Hi Sandy,

We Achieve this by using Maintaining Time-Dependent Master Data .When ever we are going to create

Masterdata time dependent infoobject then it will maintain FROM date and TO date.

I hope it will helpful to you.



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hi bhanu..

we have already the 0equipment defined as time dependent master data. but the thing is how to use these dates to be shown in query....these two dates are not in attributes tab for this infoobject. and even if i try to add them to attributes and make them navigational to use them in my report it doesnt allow me to add these infoobjects to attributes of 0EQUIPMENT.

I Know about key date functionality but it only displays my equipment data within that range.

but what i want is the entire status of my equipment right from when it is created.

let me know if you need any more info on this


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As per my knowledge if 0equipement is the master data object then add remaing objects as time dependent attribute.