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How to display the "Total" of all Customers in Bex query with Condition for displaying Top 10 Customers

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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement in which in a query i am displaying the top 10 Customers in columns. But as per the customer's requirement i have to display the Total values of the key figures in a seperate column irrespective of the top 10 being displayed.

For example if i am having 50 customers i am right now displaying the top 10 Customers for various key figures like Material cost; Revenue; volume etc which are in rows and these are Restricted Key figures.

The output of the query depends on multiple selection parameters like Scenario; Different Channel values; Different Segment values; Year and period selection as well and hence depending on the selection made the query has to dynamically give the output.

Kindly help me in a way so that i can get the TOTAL of Key figures of all the customers irrespective of the Top 10 customers being displayed in the same query .

Your valuable inputs would be appreciated.


Naveen Chand Yalamanchili

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If the Top 10 is being achieved through a condition, just enable the result rows for your report characteristics. The standard behaviour of the result row is to show the total of all rows, not just the top 10.

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