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How to display the message on web dynpro application

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Hi All,

I am working on a workflow application, the applicaiton should park the document once the user hits the button 'park doc' and it's working fine, now I want to display a message on the web dynpro screen with the document number once the document is been parked.Can you please tell me how can I do this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You could use something like this.

  • get message manager

DATA lo_api_controller TYPE REF TO if_wd_controller.

DATA lo_message_manager TYPE REF TO if_wd_message_manager.

lo_api_controller ?= wd_this->wd_get_api( ).

CALL METHOD lo_api_controller->get_message_manager


message_manager = lo_message_manager


  • report message

CALL METHOD lo_message_manager->report_success


message_text =

  • params =

  • msg_user_data =

  • is_permanent = ABAP_FALSE

  • scope_permanent_msg = CO_MSG_SCOPE_CONTROLLER

  • view =

  • show_as_popup =

  • controller_permanent_msg =

  • msg_index =

  • cancel_navigation =

  • enable_message_navigation =


message_id =


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