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How to display percentage value in SAP design studio Chart if i have multiple filters?

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Hi Experts,

We are building a Design Studio dashboard using a UNX as the backend. The version is 1.6SP2.

We have a requirement to display percentage in a chart.This chart should display data based on the dropdown value selected. I am calculating percentage value in IDT. but while doing Filtering in design studio these percentage is getting added up.

Is there any option to do custom calculation in edit initial view of design studio for unx as backend??

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In the initial view change the totals display to Average. That should get you pretty close. Otherwise, you will have to change your universe.

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Hi Todd,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please explain little details,what changes i need to do in universe?

I am already doing percentage calculation in Universe.But when trying to do drill-down these value in design studio these values are getting added up.So to remove these aggregation i think we need to do these calculation in design studio?if i wrong please clear me.

Thank you,

Jose Roy

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Jose - I think Todd is suggesting to change Totals to average in edit initial view within Design Studio Application.

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Hi Mohd,

The formula i need to use is (a-b)/b.If i use average it will not give me desired output.

Can u please put some light on this?

Thank you.

Jose Roy