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How to display name along with the value of the Guage?

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Can any one knows how to display Indicators names in the guage?

I am not able see any option for this.... Whether it is possible or not....?

Please help us with any ideas

Thank you

Edited by: Srikencha on Jan 28, 2012 12:08 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Srikencha,

if you want to show the names along with values,do the following.

go to gauge properties>appearance>text>select the indicator (you want to change)>select the number format (below)-->select currency. enter your desired text in prefix or suffix.

try this work around and let me know.



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Thank you very much...

But my user want the text to be dynamic....

like for indicator1 -

123.09$ current month

for indicator1 -

100.29$ Previous month

Where my current month and previous months are dynamic....

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You can take series for Gauges like Charts(column, combination carts) series .Take 2 cells like 1 cell is for 1st month which connects to 1st needle and other needle value for previous month. check the properties of gauge.

Thanks & Regards


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No frnd...

Guage wont allow me to take series and value ... it is taking the first value as the value so if we map to a text it is not considering the value....

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