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How to Display long Texts in BI Explorer

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Dear all,

I'm working with BI 7.0 BEx Explorer and I need to display long text (over 200 char) managed with R/3 sapscript.

I Extract full field by the Function Module "READ_TEXT" but no so as to bring BI.

The only idea that comes to mind is to break the full text mapping in n infoobject mapped in each of their 60 long-char (1 .. 60 - 61 .. 120 - 121 .. 180, and so on...), but in the query result is not quite clear...

Do you have any idea?

Thank you,


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I am working on a similar problem.

Do you have a solution for it?

I have a webdynpro application where the user can enter data to a dso with a comment column which is a sap long text (at the moment.)

At the moment i'm just brainstorming.

But i think about creating dsos with the key of the long text and a sequence number and for every 60 chars a new row.

A multiprovider or a infoset over this dso and the transactional data to combine the data.

But i am not sure how to concatenate the data for output.

I don't think i can do this in the a query alone (formulas only work on keyfigures am i right, i am not sure about cell editor, but i guess not.).

in excel it should be possible, but in web maybe a javascript? or a custom wad item?

All this seams to be a big hack.

Maybe somebody has experiences with this.

The document integretion is only shown as a link am i right?

Maybe somebody can add some ideas for a good solution.

Maybe some way to overcome the 60char limit. But i don't think there is one that will exceed 255 or any other limitation that may be there i am not aware of.