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How to display icon or other properties in CollectionGroupRenderer

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I am using CollectionGroupRenderer. each group is dispayed in its box and headre for the group is only name of the folder.

Is there way to add icon, menu.command etc to the header of the group?

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Hi Dmitry

Pl create Resource Renderer, under which you have to give the name of the command group that will be the combination of commands which you would like to display on to portal and then add this resource render to your collection renderer.

Hope it will help.



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Hi Teena,

thanks for your answer. I tried that with no success.

Seems Resource renderer affects only the way how each items is displayed within the group. I could not manage to modify the look of the groud HEADER.

For example:


File 1

File 2

File 3


File 1

File 2

File 3

The setting for resource renderer change only how File 1,2,3 is displayed.

What I need is to modify display of "GROUP A HEADER" etc, for example add icon, add property etc.

But is shows only the name.

Seems that Group Renderers have limitations. Another one is that resources within the group cannot be sorted according to some property for example (either by name or manual sorting). Unless I just dont know how to do it (with customizing).

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You can sort the resources according to any property you want through the 'Property for Sorting' option in the Collection Renderer Settings as per below:

For the Resource renderer, this might help: