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How to display error documents in selection screen level

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Currently Iam doing Smartforms for journal voucher. Iam taking multiple documents as input and displaying relavent item data for each.

Now, my requirement is i want to display invalid document numbers at selection screen level. For example there are 30 invalid document number i want to display them before start-of-selection.

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Answers (3)

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i have a query......say i am using a selet-options s_ebeln for ekko-ebeln.

i want to display error messages for

1>lower limit cant be greater than upper limit?

2>for special cahracters given in the select-options fields.....etc...

now when i am writing the code......

if s_ebeln-low gt s_ebeln-high.

message e001.

it is showing SAP's message not mine.

but ....if my s_ebeln-high field is 0.

then my message is showing.

pls give me the codes for these?

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You can validate the document numbers in AT SELECTION SCREEN events.

U can't display them before start of selection. Even through if u use write statements to display them, list generated with invalid documents is not available after complete execution. Only final item list will be displayed.



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Hi Chinna,

Do validation on the input field in the AT Selection.

for eg: v_docno is input field.

loop at v_docno.

select single.....

/* check valid or not.