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How to display binary content in EP 5.0?

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I would like to display binary content in a http-response. Formerly using a BSP-Application in Web-AS I achieved this by something like

call method mserver->response->set_header_field(

name = 'Content-Type' value = mimetype ).

call method mserver->response->set_data( data = mimedata ).

Within the context of AbstractPortalComponent I dont find a way to set the content type in a way to directly display binary content in a PRT-Context.

What did I miss ..?

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I know this is a little out of date but you can do the following:


/* Get the underlying HttpServletReponse object */

HttpServletResponse httpresp = response.getRequest().getServletResponse(true);

try {

// This seems to be required to get rid of any buffered

// content


//Set appropriate content type here


//write out data

//in this case just a PDF in string format


} catch (Exception e) {

// handle errors appropriately



<b>NOTE:</b> I haven't tested this in a productive environment so test this fully before implementing