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How to Disable Windows Select Printer Dialog if Possible

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I have a client who migrated from CR 8.5 to CR XI R2 (OCX to RDC) and runs the application in Windows 7 Pro (32bit). The legacy application uses an activex control (VB6) that generates reports (I had to recompile the activeX code with the RDC version). The client needs that when the reports are previewed, the printer button just prints the report on the default printer. Right now the print button comes up with the Print Dialog window. This may incur in a security hole for him with the Find Printer button that enables the operator user to browse through the OS.

In previous threads I saw an article referenced (KB 1212245 - How to use the Printer Setup dialog box) but it seems to be not available anymore. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Go into the CR Viewer properties and you should be able to enable the Printer Setup button.

If that doesn't work then create your own Print Button and then you have full control.


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Maybe I didn't expressed the question well. I already had the Print Button enabled, the problem is that it's default settings, when pressed, brings up the Print Dialog Window. I just need to print the report to the default printer. Create a new button is an option but after some reading and research I came up with this code:

Private Sub CRViewer_PrintButtonClicked(UseDefault As Boolean)
    UseDefault = False
    Report.PrintOut False
End Sub

This makes the print button execute the print command directly to the default printer without the print dialog window popping up.

Thanks for your reply