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How to disable Formula

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I have say seven vendors and for each vendor there are around ten deliveries that it has made in the month.Based on the quality,delivery time,quantity variance etc weightages are assigned using a formula for each delivery.

In an extended report with vendors ,all their deliveries and weightages i just have to right click and say result->summation and it adds everthing up and does not use the formula.But i want a report with only the vendor names and the summation of all the weightages against them.It still applies the formula i have used to calculate the weightage.And since they are not results anymore i cant do a right click and say result->summation.

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can you give an example for better understanding.

sachin k

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V1,V2 ..are the vendors

W1,W2..are the weightages

W1 has been calculated using .3quantity variance + .4delivery variance+.3*quality variance and differing formula for W2,W3....

Now i want a report like

V1 12.2 13.4 10.4 16.5

V2 6.5 5.9 4.4 3.3

V3 10.9 11.2 7.2 11.3 ..

i.e comprising of just the results.

The Bex while creating this report is applying the formula that i have used for the weightages whereas i want simple summation .

Hope this helps else let me know i will try again.