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How to direct the Work Items in SBWP to different folders

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Hello All ,

Is there a possibility of having a rule on the SBWP , so that the work items coming in to the inbox can be placed in different folders based on some grouping .

I see 4 kinds of grouping :

Grouped according to task

Grouped according to content

Grouped according to content type

Grouped according to sort key

Is there any help on how to use this . Any example given ?

Do we have any other groupings on the workflow inbox other then the above ?

Thank you very much for your valuable input ...

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As said above, the work items are automatically directed to these folders according to rules briefly explained here (and you can't change the rules): [sap library - workflow - inbox|]

In case you don't have work items in your inbox, use transaction SWUI_DEMO: used to start several demo workflows

If you want a custom business workplace, see demo transaction SWLD_INPLACE1: a custom business workplace with one container (program of 210 lines)