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How to determine work process utilization ?

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SAP Release : Netweaver 04 (BW 3.5)

Every night we have many jobs that running, extracting data from different source systems.

In the near future, we are planning to add much more extractions.

As we only have one central instance (no other application server), I would like to know

if our system would be able to take in charge more jobs.

Is there a way to know how often are used our processes (batch and dialog) ?

How to know if we still have workprocess that are unused every night ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go in transaction SM50, press on the "CPU" button.

If you have processes which have consumed nearly no CPU time, it means that you have enough processes.

Check also your jobs in SM37, if you have a lot of delay times, it means that you don't have enough batch processes.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Have you configured operation mode switch. You can maintain requirement of batch jobs from there.


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THere is some very valuable information in ST03N if you can sift thru the vast amount of information.

Using SM50 to review the work process times is good as well.

Keep in mind that with BW you need a comparable amount of dialogs process to background jobs 3xBackground = 1xDialog approximately.

Using Solution Manager to get an Early watch report is very practical and complete report.

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Are you generating Early Watch Reports? That has performance metrics that shows usage of WP's throughout the day.

J. Haynes