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How to design BEX Query senario??

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I have a senario in BW Query designing

  ID              DESC

1:10             Dealer-New

2:11             Dealer-refinance

3:20             Direct-New

4:21             Direct-refinance

5:30             Franchise-New

6:31             Franchise-refinance

We have developed this BW Query

Now main problem in we need output as bellow

  ID              DESC

1:1            Dealer

2:2             Direct

3:3             Franchise

How to design BEX Query  above senario

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Answers (3)

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Hi Mahantesh,

You have a few options:

a) As Cornelia Lezoch has mentioned, create a hierarchy on your DESC characteristic (or whatever the actual characteristic is).  A hierarchy nodes will be Dealer, Direct & Franchise and the characteristic values will be entered in each of the relevant nodes.

b) You can create a selection for each of the Dealer, Direct and Franchise values in your query and select each of the characteristics in each selection

Dealer =    1:10             Dealer-New     &    2:11             Dealer-refinance

Direct =   3:20             Direct-New   &    4:21             Direct-refinance

Franchise = 5:30             Franchise-New   & 6:31             Franchise-refinance

From a performance, maintenance and flexibility perspective, the hierarchy would be the better options.

c) The other route is data modeling changes - we would need to know more info though before progressing that one.

With regards

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Thank you

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Hi Mahantesh,

What is the relation between the ID´s you are showing?

Looks to me as you will need to have a hierarchy on your char.



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Hi mahantesh,

i am looking these objects i didn't understand

please explain?

which one char and KF are using your query.