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* How to Depoly NDWS Iview in Portal*

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i got a very basic question

I am able to create a Iview in WebDynPro (NWDS)

and deploy it very comfortably.


I am able to create a Iview in PORTAL and check for the PreView.

Now Query Over this point is,

if i create a View in Dynpro , how to incorporate in Portal Page


how to incorporate it in Portal Workset.


How to assing a Role to the view that has been created in NWDS


Thanking in Advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kumar,

Solution for your query is at the end but first let me focus on some terminologies -

1> Whenever you deply any application from NWDS it doesn't create any IView. IT just gived u a application URL nothing more than that.


Just Deploy your application from NWDS

Go to portal>Content Administration> Create a Web dynpro IView--> whenever it will ask you for application name just specify the application name spo that this IView will get link to that application.

Finish it.

Create a page from Content Administrato. Assign this Iview to this Page.

No create a Workset from Content Administration--> assign this page to this Workset.

Create a role from Content Administration and assign this workset to this Role.

Now from UserAdminisstration assign this role to specific userid for whcihc you have to perform opertaions

Definintely this will work for you..



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Thanks the lot for the info guys

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You can create iViews using the applications deployed on your server. Then using iViews you can create page which you can group inside a workset. Than you can create a portal role and assign this workset to the role created.

Then you can easily access the application by creating a portal user and assign the role created.

Hope the following link will help you in doing so:


thanks & regards,


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Hi Kumar,

It is so simple to integrate your webdynpro iView in the portal.

Instead of creating the iView from template, create the iView from the deployed contents, whuch is the 3rd option of the first step in creating an iview. Once you created the iView, it will prompt you for the creation of Webdynpro proxy page, nothing but a page.

You can now assign ths page to a workset and to a role as usual.



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it is very simple.If i understand it correctly here is the solution

when you create an iview in portal it will give the option to create an iview from a webdynpro application.

when you select that option it will display all the deployed webdynpro applications and you have to select the required one.


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