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How to Delete RSA7 Entry in production

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Hi All,

I am working on two BW systems , and when triggering DELTA i can see both the entries in RSA7, but in future we are going to stop one BW system.

i need to remove RSA7 entry from production for the system which will no longer will be available. Anyone have an idea how to do this with the help of Basis ?

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Just select the BW System of the datasource to be deleted and click on delete. Make sure you have already loaded everthing you need before deleting the datasource in RSA7. and if you are planning to completely remove the system to BW, make sure you have disconnected the RFC connection of the BW System to be deleted. use function RSAP_BIW_DISCONNECT also to disonnect first the connection so RSBASIDOC table does not have entries.