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How to delete objects in a user's inbox in BO 4.0

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Is there an equivalent SAP note to "1367065 - How to delete objects in a user's inbox in BOXI 3.1?" for BO 4.0?

Is there an alternative process to automatically delete old reports in each users BI Inbox that doesn't require the use of the SDK?


Jose Luis Leitao

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      Currently we have NO options in managing users InBox.  You can write a Custom Java SDK that can do global delete but still no way to tie them to a schedule &/or report. 

I have been asking for this option for a LONG time, please support my Idea to manage the uses InBox.



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Thanks Ajay,

Idea supported.

Does anyone have an example of the JAVA code, and how to implement?

I've never worked with the SDK and I've no idea how this could be acomplished.


Jose Luis Leitao

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This should help you.

For deployment Instruction, follow the steps as specified in the above URL.

This is Developed in COM SDK (VB Script) and has to be deployed as a program object.

This is the actual code

' ************************************************************************

' Deletes old Inbox records for any user with more than 999 items in

' their inbox.  Each time this is run, it will delete up to 100 documents.

' ************************************************************************


Dim UserID

Dim Password

Dim Aut

Dim oSessionManager

Dim oEnterpriseSession

Dim oSess

Dim OldSIName

OldSIName = " "

'For the logon, Authenticate as Following

APS = Wscript.Arguments(0)


Password = Wscript.Arguments(2)

Aut = Wscript.Arguments(3)

'Create an Enterprise oSessionManager

Set oSessionManager = WScript.CreateObject("CrystalEnterprise.SessionMgr")

Set oSess = oSessionManager.Logon(UserID, Password, APS, Aut)

'Query the iStore and get up to 100 inbox items to delete

On Error Resume Next

'Create a new Variable for the login token

Set iStore = oSess.Service("", "InfoStore")

queryString = "select TOP 100 * from CI_INFOOBJECTS Where CHILDREN(""SI_NAME='Folder Hierarchy'"",""SI_KIND='Inbox' and SI_CHILDREN>999"") and SI_UPDATE_TS < '"

queryString = queryString & Year(DateAdd("d", -100, Date)) & "."

queryString = queryString & Right("00" & Month(DateAdd("d", -100, Date)), 2) & "."

queryString = queryString & Right("00" & Day(DateAdd("d", -100, Date)), 2)

queryString = queryString & "' order by SI_UPDATE_TS"

Set objFSO = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")

Set logStream = objFSO.OpenTextFile("c:\inboxdeletelog.txt", 8, 1)

logStream.writeline "Server - DateTime: " & APS & " - " & FormatDateTime(Now,0)

logStream.writeline "Query: " & queryString

Set inboxRecords = iStore.Query(queryString)

for x = 1 to inboxRecords.Count

    Set inboxRecord = inboxRecords.Item(x)

    If inboxRecord.Properties.Item("SI_NAME").Value <> OldSIName Then

        logStream.writeline "SI_OWNER-SI_KIND-SI_UPDATE_TS-SI_NAME-SIZE: " & inboxRecord.Properties.Item("SI_OWNER").Value & _

        " - " & inboxRecord.Properties.Item("SI_KIND").Value & _

        " - " & inboxRecord.Properties.Item("SI_UPDATE_TS").Value & _

        " - " & inboxRecord.Properties.Item("SI_NAME").Value & _

        " - " & inboxRecord.Properties.Item("SI_FILES").Properties.Item("SI_VALUE1").Value


    End If

    OldSIName = inboxRecord.Properties.Item("SI_NAME").Value





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Thank you Manikandan.


Jose Luis Leitao

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I tried scheduling this vb script through CMC, but get the below error - any ideas? Not much help so far googling... or searching on SCN.

An unknown COM error has occurred while trying to run the script.

The query part of it works fine and I can see the results of the query (when I run it outside of the CMC), but can't figure out how to get it to run from the CMC.  Probably missing the obvious here, so any help would be appreciated...


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Hello All,

I am having the similar requirement to delete the reports from User inbox, the limitation we are planning to set for not more than 10 instances.

Could  you please advise  if any one has implemented this in BO 4.0 version.

Please  help me  if require any notes or SDK code  implementation.


Prakash V

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Above com SDK code also works for   BI 4.x as well. Try it on sandbox first