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How to delete huge SID Table

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Hello Guru's,

In the Early Watch Alert (EWA) we have an advice with an Infoobject that have 1.7 Billion of records in SID table. This Infoobject stores and id important for my customer.

After a discussion I make the customer allow to me to remove the infoobject from the model.

The infoobject was contained in 1 infocube and 5 DSO. This are the activities we did.

1. We remove the infoobject fron the infocube using the remodeling tool. The process takes 48 hours.

2. We disconnect the infoobject from all the transformations to avoid the load of the infoobject and avoid the growth of it.

3. The infoobject stills in the DSO's.

After this, we try to reduce the SID table deleting de master data from this infoobject including the SID table data.

The result of this deletion was the system down. The deletion fill out the PSAPUNDO tablespace and makes the system failed.

The Question is: How Can I Delete a Huge SID table (1.7 billions of records) without knockOut the system?

Thank you for your help.

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Please check following OSS Notes,

1331403 - SIDs, Numberranges and BW Infoobjects

2066288 - RSDMDD_DELETE_BATCH_PACKAGE - Report to delete the Master data with package size

Hope is helps!




Thank you very much Bhavin. That was the solution!!