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How to delete DTP requests?

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Hi All,

I am deleting an data store object, but system is not allowing me to delete data store object, message 'datastore xxxx is not used externally' then it shows two dtp requets associated with this datastore.

How can I delete these dtp requests? How can I delete my data store object?

I have deleted all dtp, transformations etc.. still I am unable to delete my test data store object.

My system is on sp9(lastest).

Thanks and Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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With SP-09 you should have been able to delete it

as below

Note 945944 - P9: DSO: DTP requests delete dumps with message type x000

Whats the short dump message if any or any detailed error message??

Hope it Helps



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Not sure why that doesnt work but alternatively you can run the following program in SE38:


Just enter the technical name of the DTP and execute.

There wont be any feedback but when you go back to RSA1 and refresh it wont be there.

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Program RSBKDTPDELETE does not exist in my BW system is this a standard delivered program?

Also, when we use Delete Overlapping requests in a process chain it reports that the desired requests were successfully deleted in the log and the cahin completes but the requests and data are still active in the cube.

Any ideas why this does not do what it says it does?

We're all hopped up on:

BW - Version 3.5

R/3 - Version 4.71 - mySAP + ISU-CCS

DB - Oracle 9i