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How to delete an old PDK and install a new one

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Hello All,

We need to delete our existing PDK 60.2.0 and install the newer version pdk 60.2.2.

The background is that we had installed PDK 60.2.0 with EP 6 SP2 and now after the upgradation of EP to Hotfix 3, we get certain errors. This makes it imprtant to install pdk 60.2.2


1. what is the best way to uninstall the older version.

a)Shall we look for the differences between the two verisons and let the portal overwrite during the newer installation ?

b) just delete those components which have been added new in the latest version and install only those.

c)we completely delete the older one.

Is there any documentation to do the same.

We would welcome your helpful comments.

Thanks and Regards,

Rahila Zahir

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Answers (1)

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It would be best to import the new PDK and overwrite any previous components/iviews.