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how to define a queue in SPAM?

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how to define a queue in SPAM?

And also tell me the steps or procedure to apply support packs .

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Answers (2)

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Hello kumar,

- Download the support packs from (provided you have a login ID) to the usr\sap\trans directory.

- Open a command prompt and change the directory to

NT: :\usr\sap\trans

UNIX: /usr/sap/trans

- Unpack the support packs using the following command:

NT: CAR -xvf :

UNIX: CAR -xvf ///.CAR

This command unpacks the files that need to be imported into your SAP instance into the usr\sap\trans\eps\in directory.

- Log into client 000 as user DDIC

- Call transaction SPAM

- Once in transaction SPAM, go to menu option Support Package->Load Packages->From Application Server. It will ask you if you want to upload the files - click the green check mark on the box that appears to upload the files.

- Another screen will appear listing the files that you uploaded successfully - just click on the Back arrow to get back to the SPAM screen.

- On the SPAM screen, click on the Display/Define button.

- A box will appear with the Support Package categories (Basis, ABA, etc.)

- Click on the category for the support packages that you uploaded and it will list them in order.

- You can apply them individually or the whole list at one time.

- To apply individually, select the first one in the list and then hit the green check mark at the bottom left of the box. Then on the SPAM screen, go to menu Support Package->Import Queue.

- Confirm that you want to import the support package.

- Once it is done importing, you have to confirm the queue by clicking on the

Confirm Queue button - this will turn the yellow light in the Status area to green.

*Always check your logs after applying support packages by clicking on the Logs button in the SPAM screen.



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