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how to debug the workflow

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dear friends,

please tell me how to debug the workflow, if you have time then you just see the workflow WS99900212 . in this i have done Leave Approver Notification . but i want to debug on that how to flow step by step .

please you tell me on same workflow , where i am going to take breakpoint.

Thanks in Advance for help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can try first of all to enable more logging. (I assume you are running release ERP 2005 since you are not saying what your release is.)

In the workflow builder, select menu item "Goto", "Basic data"

Select the "Version-dependent (current workflow version)" tab

Select the "Control" tab within the version-dependent subscreen

Select the "Performance optimization" tab within the control subscreen

Change the "Settings" drop-down value to "No restrictions on logging".

That will give you much more information in the workflow log. The description of this choice says "All the messages are logged. All runtime operations can be traced." As also noted: don't keep this setting in a production system.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Transaction code SWUD will allow you to turn on Container Debug, which will allow you to see the bindings passed between steps. You can also try the workflow trace and many other helpful features here.

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Hi Puneet,

After triggering the workflow you can see the log using swwl there you can see the values in container elements

or if you are triggering the workflow using a Function module then put an external debugger in the code and trigger again


Hari Sankar M