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How to customize SAP splash template with custom odata service after exporting !!

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Hello Folks,

In process of creating better UX and UI oriented prototypes using SAP Splash UX tool , We have an use where the exported template after necessary modifications in Splash editor  to  webide should be connected to our custom odata service to make the prototype to fetch data real time instead of hardcoded.

I found that the out of the splash was a prototype template which is using mock server and database (data.json) , How  remove this mock server thing and connect to our odata service and bind it to the controllers which have already created by Splash tool.

Use case : To create sale order listing (FIORI)



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Hello Saikiran,

We need to make some changes in the Component.js but first of all , you need to define a new OData service for your project which you have imported inside WebIDE from Splash.

Once you create OData service, your neo-app.json file will get updated along with the metadata.xml files. After that following changes need to be done inside component.js in order to remove the mockserver.

var mConfig = this.getMetadata().getConfig();

  var sServiceUrl = mConfig.serviceConfig.serviceUrl;

  var bIsMocked ="responderOn") === "true";

  // Start the mock server for the domain model

  if (bIsMocked) {


  var uri = window.location.pathname.substring(0, window.location.pathname.lastIndexOf("/")) + "/models/";

  var oMockServer = new{

  rootUri: uri


  oMockServer.simulate(uri + "metadata.xml", {

  sMockdataBaseUrl: uri + "sampleData.json",

  bGenerateMissingMockData: true


  if (typeof formulaCalculation !== "undefined") {

  // only use if available - global variable





  var oModel = new sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel(sServiceUrl, {json: true,loadMetadataAsync: true});


            this.getEventBus().publish("Component", "MetadataFailed");



You need to have proper data binding , so i would suggest you verify the spellings of all the entity properties which you have mapped to your controls , if everything goes well , you will be able to get the read time data onto the SPLASH prototypes.

Thanks ,


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