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How to Create the Text Variable for Vendor

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Hello Guys,

Could please let me know step by step proedure on how to create the Text Variable on vendor. in BEx.



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Answers (2)

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thanks for your suggestions

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hi Pratap,

you can try from query designer, right click 'key figures', 'new formula',

in next screen, type in & to 'description', and choose option 'new text variable', next

give variable name and description, choose 'replacement path' for 'processing by',

and use characteristic 'vendor' (0vendor ?),

and replace variable with 'name (text)' (or key if you want vendor's code)

hope this helps.

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Hello Edwin Harpino,

I have created the text variable as you said.

but its not visible in the selection screen( drop down for text variables) to assign.

could you plz explain.