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How to create Smartforms?

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Dear All,

How to Create Smartforms? Step-by-step...



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To be more explanative,I am hereby explaining the steps to start creating a small program in smartform.

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Step 1: Go to transaction : SMARTFORMS

Step 2: In Page->Main WIndow->Right click it.

There create text element.

Step 3: Double click the Text element which you created in the left hand side.

Step 4: In the right side,General Attributes, write as follows.

Hello SAP

Step 5: Activate the smartform.

Step 6: Press F8.

Step 7: Again press F8.

Step 8:Enter the local device as LOCL.

Step 9:Click Print preview button.

Step 10: Now you can see the output as Hello SAP.

For more about smartforms,refer those links which I already posted.

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Hi Dharmesh,

following are the steps you can follow to create a basic smart form :

1 . Go to transaction code " Smartforms".

2. give a name for your smart form .then click on button create.

3. there are 3 parts for your smart form :

3.1 there is Navigation area . where you can find the global settings and pages.

3.2 there is form painter. where you can see your form being designed.

3.3 there is an attribute section , where you can see the attributes and varius descriptions.

4. go to global setings ->Form Attributes. These are the attributes which are applied to the whole form.

5. In the form interface, you can see 4 tabs import, export , tables and exceptions.

in tables tab , you define your work area to get the values of an internal table from the driver program.

Driver program is nothin but a report program which is used to drive the smartform.

5. in global def. , you define the various fields or variables which will be globally used by your form.

6. in the pages and windows , you define your page and window.

there are two types of windows .

1. Main Window.

2. Secondary window.

7. when you right click on any of the tabs for pages / windows , you get the various options , say to creat, delete etc. when you furhter navigate, you get various things , say, text windows to create.

8. these are the basic steps to create a smart form.

if you follow these steps , you will surely be able to create smart form and then you can further learn.

Hope this is useful for yu to start.

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Hi Dharmesh,

You will get the more idea from ABAP Forum itself only but in the mean time you can go through these links which can answer your query:

This link can guide you with all the component which are getting used in smart forms

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Hi dharmesh

I can mail the steps. send your mail id.



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Please read the docuementation at




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you can find the example code in SDN itself....why dont u search for that.