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How to create "SQL user"?

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I'm trying to use MaxDB Database Studio (7.7, db 7.7) to manage tables on the system. However, the existing DB accounts are only SUPERDBA and CONTROL, and with both MaxDB Database Studio only tells me that DBM sessions are possible. For SUPERDBA I don't have password so I used the CONTROL user to copy the account to a new one.

What I get is the following:







I know I probably need USERTYPE=SAP or USERTYPE=DBA but after spending many hours search documentation its nowhere to find

Pls help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sanjay,

in DBA Studio there is no GUI to create and manage SQL users.

Instead you've to use the SQL command window to write and execute the appropriate SQL command e.g.

create user TEST password TESTPWD not exclusive dba

Be aware that you have to know the SYSDBA (SUPERDBA) logon to be able to create new SQL users, since the SYSDBA 'owns' the other SQL users.

'CONTROL' on the other hand is a special user that is basically just there for the NON-SQL part - the DBM (=DATABASE MANAGEMENT) part.

Check the documentation [here|] for that.

Maybe this older [blog entry|;jsessionid=%28J2EE3417500%29ID1133211750DB01786059640752317934End?blog=/pub/wlg/7595] of mine is also useful to you.



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