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How to Create OData Service for Logical DataBase

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Hi All,

I have  requirement for creating odata service for Logic Data base but i didn't get any solution.

Please Help Me.

Thanks in  Advance.

I am waiting for response. 

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Answers (3)

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    If you really cannot past using the LDB, function module "LDB_PROCESS" is one option  to query the LDB.

Below is a reference from Help that might give you some more thoughts

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Surendra,

logical databases are bound to SAP reports. Linking to a Logical Database - ABAP Programming (BC-ABA) - SAP Library

So the only way would be to call a report from within the coding of the query method that you have to implement in your data provider class.

How to fetch the output of a report has been described by Glen Simpson in his post .

Nethertheless I wouldn't recommend to follow this approach just to get the data using a logical database.

You should rather take a look at the coding of your logical database and start to implement the data retrieval directly in your coding of your GET_ENTITYSET method.

This is for sure less error prone and can better be debugged.

Best regards,


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Hello Surendra,

According to me i don't see any direct way u can consume those directly and create GW services.

I feel a custom logic has to be written which will get data and has to be consumed in GW level.