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How to create infopackage groups & Process chains & what is the difference

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Hi gurus,

please help me to create infopackage groups & Process chains & what is the difference.

please explain any realtime scenerios.

when will we choose infopackage groups & process chains

and what is the difference betweeen these two.

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (3)

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InfoPackage Groups

From within the InfoPackage Group maintenance the button “Process


generates a process chain similar to a group, but manual

adjustment is necessary.

This can be executed manually with the function module


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You can create the IPG with the selction of all infopackages in RSA1-Modelling Area to automate those loads automatically. That means it will trigger only those IP's which have been pooled up in that IGP...

Where as Process chain is also a automated process where you can have different process types which can be used during the load and after the load has been done.. For example in ODS once after the data has been loaded if you want to activate the data then in PC youo can insert the process type for that, but in case of IGP it will only execute your IP.

Hope it helps...

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To create info package groups go to rda1 modelling tab infosource menu there u will get the option infopackage group. create 1 IPG drag and drop ur IPs into the IGP. In IPG we can run the multiple IP's. We cannot automate the different process in IPG's.