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How to create Fiori app on HCP IoT oData url's

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Hi experts

I just found the built-in OData API (Service Root, Metadata and Entity Set) url's in the HCP IoT service. As far as I can understand our developers can consume these odata services when creating Fiori apps in the HCP WebIDE and deply these to the same HCP account. But how is this done? I can see that all Fiori templates are linked to a Destination (gateway). Do I need to create a Destination pointing to the IoT service or something like this? It would be really great if someone could give us some poiters on the topic 🙂


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Erik,

like with all other "remote systems" you need to create a HTTP destination [1] (to IoT MMS in this case) so that WebIDE can connect to it. Very briefly, the procedure looks as follows:

1. Create a HTTP Destination (on account level), pointing to IoT MMS instance, (OData API is protected either with Basic or OAuth). Do not forget to add WebIDE "additional parameters", i.e WebIDEEnabled (equal to true) and WebIDEUsage (equal to odata_gen). See more here [2]

2. Create a project in WebIDE from Template, in "Data Connection" wizard step, select "Service URL" and then choose your destination from the list, follow the wizard.

[1] SAP HANA Cloud Platform

[2] SAP Web IDE Developer Guide



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