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How to create an SAP Android app in Android Studio?

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Hello All,

I want to create an simple SAP app for android, for example to start with I just want to display flight details. I am newbie to this, can you please help me how to achieve this.

I read some blogs and tried below things:

1. Installed android studio and able to create apps and test with emulator

2. Downloaded Eclipse Mars and installed SMP tools from install new software

3. Created new project SMP Odata Implementation Project -but I don't have SMP server

4. I am calling Odata service RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT (for testing I am using SAP ES4 Gateway system)

from here I don't know how to proceed, as I don't have SMP is it possible to create an app?

To make it simple , I want to call SAP Odata service in Android Studio. I searched about calling SAP Odata service from Android, but most of the answers are about calling sap odata service from Eclipse IDE. And I think the way to call SAP Odata service in Eclipse IDE is different from calling it in Android Studio. Also, I am not using SMP to create my mobile application. I found some answers suggest to use Odata4j libraries, but I am not able to understand how to use these libraries to call SAP Odata services. Could you please help me in calling SAP Odata service from Android Studio and how to test using emulator.

Appreciate all your help.



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Any thoughts ? I appreciate all your help.

Please help me to create simple app using Eclipse (Mars) or android studio consuming Odata service from SAP NWGS, not using SMP.

Thanks again.