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How to create an inbox item with attached BOR object?

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Dear Colleagues,

Does anyone of you know a simple way to create inbox items for a user?

I would like to use the inbox for notifying users and attach a BOR object to the message as attachment. Is there a good and plain way to do that?

It would also be good, to be able to do the determination of the receiver by a customizable responsibility or something similar, so that it is not hard-linked to SAP user accounts.

Does anyone of you know a solution for this, that is not too complicated?

Also I read that in the future notifications should be usable in the UWL (Universal Work List).

I did not find anything but marketing material on UWL and I would not be terribly happy to set up a portal just for sending simple notifications/work items to people. Does anyone have a clue on how to accomplish this?

That would be wonderful, thank you.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is pretty much was Generic Object Services (GOS) does. It sends an e-mail using object type SOFM. Take a look at function module SGOSSUB_REC_FB_SEND_MAIL.

Alternatively, if your scenario supports it, why not just define a single-step workflow task to run at the appropriate event? Guess it depends on what the source of the notification is.



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Dear Scott,

Thank you for this hint, the function looks promising.

Is there a way to specify a receiver group and a text for the text part of the message?

There is a Parameter called RECTYPE, which is expected to contain a "task id". The text seems to be derived in some way from the object type. Do you know any documentation or sample where this is used?

How do I specify the recipient and the message subject and text?

Concerning a single-step workflow: I don't know what the advantages/disadvantages are. The system receives a message or discovers a problem and wants to inform the related user.

A simple workflow should be possible, but I have no idea what that means in terms of complexity for implementation and customizing.

Sorry for so many questions and thank you.


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Hi Christian,

please refer also to FB SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1

The Docu is quite good and also has an example.



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Thank you for this hint. By looking at the usage of this function I found some nice sample programs that deal with the sending of Sap Mails with attached BOR objects.

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