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How to create an API interface in SAP PI 7.5 for DocuSign Connect?

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We are to create an interface in SAP PI 7.5 (on premise) to receive updates coming from DocuSign Connect (webhook service) when specific triggering events occur. Any information/blogs available on this topic?



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Hi Chilling

I think all you need is to create an interface as REST to Proxy/RFC.

REST will be REST Polling

And account ID will be constant for one customer/user which you can use in DocuSign API configuration to poll the notifications at regular intervals.

Ideal solution will be to use some JMS service (if you have) which subscribes to a topic which points to these "Connect API endpoints". It will queue up the notifications whenever an even occurs. And then in PI you use JMS sender channel to listen to this queue on JMS Application.

But as not all Firms have JMS broker applications available so you can use do plain REST polling to poll the event queue

So, for example, you will poll this endpoint for delete event for your account:


I haven't tried auth part for this but I believe the authentication process will follow same Standard OAuth process as mentioned in my blog.

SAP PI Configuration for JWT Authentication to DocuSign APIs | SAP Blogs

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Hi Baskaran,

I completed the connect configuration in DocuSign. I know it hit the PO server (I used another API's url to publish the data once certain events triggered for testing connection purpose). I tried to create a PI interface for DocuSign connect in PO 7.5 (on prem server). I created a REST sender channel and wondering what I should do for receiver channel (SOAP or RFC to ECC? DocuSign connect ----> SAP PO ---> SAP ECC is the scenario.



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Hi Chiling

You need to have Docusign login credentials to perform this activity. DocuSign has option to configure the Webhook URL so that the required event notification can be triggered to your middleware (PI).

Log into Docusign system, switch to Settings -> INTEGRATIONS -> Connect. Then Click on ADD Configuration -> Custom (for PI). Provide your own name for it and other necessary details as below.

API URL - API URL of PI interface to receive the notification. You should have created an interface in SAP PI with above URL in the REST sender channel. For data structure, read the below section,

Event Settings

  • Data Format - Legacy (XML) / REST(Json)
  • Delivery Mode - Aggregate
  • Trigger Events - Under Envelope and Recipients -> Check the relevant trigger events to be notified. In Include Data section, choose the additional fields and you have preview of the sample data that will be triggered to PI. This will be your request data to PI system. Knowing the input data, you can model the API interface in PI accordingly.
  • Associated Groups - Choose relevant user/user group - This must include the DocuSign User through which you will be calling the DocuSign APIs.

API Authentication

  • Integration and Security - Provide the authentication mechanism through which your PI interface will be called.

Hope this clarifies.



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Hi Yogananda,

Do you have the links to the blogs/whitepaper shared in your post?



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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There is limited information available on this specific topic. However, there are a few documents and blogs that may help you in setting up an interface in SAP PI 7.5 for DocuSign Connect.

1. A blog titled “Integrating DocuSign with SAP PI/PO” by Sohaib Sajjad which provides a step-by-step guide to setting up an interface between SAP PI 7.5 and DocuSign Connect.

2. A whitepaper titled “Integrating DocuSign into SAP Systems” by Katiya Khan which provides an overview of how SAP systems can be integrated with DocuSign Connect.

3. A blog titled “Integrate DocuSign with SAP using PI 7.5” by Pankaj Chaudhary which provides a detailed guide to integrating DocuSign Connect with SAP PI 7.5.

These resources should be able to provide you with a better understanding of how to set up an interface in SAP PI 7.5 for DocuSign Connect.

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Thank you very much.