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How to create a table that spans multiple pages?

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     I am very new to adobe forms and coming from smartforms background i am very confused about how to paginate tables, first of all i am developing a normal adobe form not interactive, all i want to do is have a table on the form that is allowed to span on multiple pages if the number of rows doesnt fit in one page, this is what i have done so far:

  • The table must be in a subform that is set to Flowed in the Subform tab of the Object palette.
  • The Allow Page Breaks Within Content option is selected in the Table tab.
  • The table is not in a group. ( i didnt understand this point so i put the table in the subform without any other fields with it)

That didnt work, i also have been googling for 2 days and all solutions provided didnt work and the table only spans until the end of the page and stops, any help would be highly appreciated.

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I did this a long while ago and am not sure of the exact details.

In my form when I go to the pagination tab of the subform containing the table under the option "if dataset must be paginated" the option "overflow" has a dropdown menu in which I choose where to continue after reaching the end of the page. In my case it continues to a content area I created in the master page. This is in addition to the first two points in your post.

I hope this helps,