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How to create a Story based on Multiple Models

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I am trying to build a dashboard using multiple models( source 6 excel sheet)

I have 6 excel sheets in which the data resides. The measures and Dimensions are spread across these sheets mostly with just one common field. And one single sheet is holding all the measures. And another sheet hols all Dimensions, The Date measures come from 3 different sheets.

Example: sheet 1. Has dimensions - IntLoc, IntProd, %TimeKey. Measures , Sales Value, sales Baseline, Sales Incremantal, Sales promo. ETC. This sheet basically has all the measures too.

sheet 2 . Has only dimensions IntLoc, Country. ( No measures)

Sheet 3. Has only IntProd, %Prod, Manufacturer, Category, Sub category, Manufacturer Etc.(No measures)

sheet 4. Has only Dimensions %Timekey, YearWeek and YearMonth ( No measures )

Sheet 5. Has only Dimensions YearWeek. ( No measures.) So i need to build tables/Charts from all the above sheets and view like this.

Sheet 6 . Has Year Month, and BiMonth.

Inline image 1I have tried linking the diemsions, But when i do that i can only select the linked dimensions to use in my story. As the Above image shows i need Sales values ( coming from sheet 1) for Category, Subcategory and Manufacturer dimensions ( only present in Sheet 2 so i cannot link these) I have looked through so many blogs and videos but couldnt find a solution.ThankYou, Kanti.

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Hi Kanti, I suggest created one spreadsheet tab holding all this data and then importing it into a model.