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How to create a new independent IAS tenant for newly provisioned SAP Cloud ALM tenant?


We were creating a provisioning request for SAP Cloud ALM and everything was o.k.
At the time of selecting the IAS tenant, it didn't let us choose a new, independent one just for SAP Cloud ALM.
Our only option was to select an existing IAS tenant in our landscape to be connected to our SAP Cloud ALM tenant.

We do not want our existing Productive IAS tenant to be shared with SAP Cloud ALM.
How can we create a new IAS tenant, just for our SAP Cloud ALM tenant?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


A new Identity Authentication Service (IAS) tenant is created while provisioning SAP Cloud ALM only if no Productive IAS tenant already exists in the Customer landscape.
If a Productive IAS tenant already exists in the Customer landscape, there is no option to create a new IAS tenant during the SAP Cloud ALM provisioning process.
Instead, the provisioning requester must select one of the existing Productive IAS tenants to be linked to SAP Cloud ALM.

If you already have a Productive IAS tenant but wish to create a new one, you must purchase the IAS tenant through the official channels.
More information can be found in these KBAs:
2717185 - How to request additional Identity Authentication tenants
2751968 - Information required when requesting an Identity Authentication tenant

Once you have purchased an IAS tenant and configured it, you can connect it to your SAP Cloud ALM tenant via the "Trust Configurations" settings in the Business Technology Platform cockpit Global and Sub accounts for SAP Cloud ALM.
More information can be found for this process in this KBA:
3020352 - How to specify a different IAS tenant for your SAP Cloud ALM tenant

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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the answer from is not 100% correct, I saw a customer leveraging two different licenses and having two IATs for BTP and one different IAT for CALM. hope this helps, cheers!A

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

It is SAP's recommendation to maintain 1 productive IAS Tenant for Authentication, with the following exception
If your company has specific requirements (functional or legal) to not allow users from an SAP Cloud ALM tenant to access an SAP SuccessFactors tenant (or vice versa), both applications should use separate Identity Authentication tenants. SAP SuccessFactors specific guidance on this topic can be found here.

If you have no other Identity Authentication tenants available for selection, you can request a new one as described in Tenant Model and Licensing – Getting an Additional Tenant.

A customer can have many IAS tenants. However the guidance is for IAS Best Practice