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How to create a discount amount / percentage in PO?

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We cannot find any way to input Discount Amount (Header level) for a PO of SAP PERSON_NAME Cloud - Manage Purchase Order. 

Could you please recommend how SAP deal with this situation if users need to input a discount amount in PO header (Instead of using % in Cash discount in header)?

Please let us know if we need to do some configuration change and modify PO print out for showing discount amount? 

User feedback:

Users often receive non % discounts, and for total amount, not for individual items. For this case, we sent it back to the supplier, and asked to provide us to absorb the discount into each line, as we could not issue the PO without showing the discount amount. 

For example PO,

A PO with line item below

Line item A USD ZIPCODE.4

Line item B USD ZIPCODE.4

Special Discount -$DIGITS

How can we input this discount amount for this example PO in SAP?

Many thanks for your help!


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Dear Customer, 

Would please find more details in KBA below?

2844597 - Adding supplementary conditions to pricing procedure AXX001